A messy room. James hasn’t been motivated to clean it in a long time. Today, he finds an iPod among the mess. He plugs in his earphones and goes outside for a run.

On the first lap of the park, James smiles confidently at a pretty girl who runs past him, going the opposite way. Over his shoulder, her tanned legs and purple shoes continue on their way. James continues on his, at a steady pace.

Second lap. James spots her again. He controls his breathing as she approaches, forces himself to maintain his pace, and offers her a determined nod. Tanned legs and purple shoes fly by.

Third lap. James is panting and slowing down. He manages a nod and his eyes, stinging with sweat, make blurry contact with hers. Tanned legs and purple shoes glide by as swiftly as ever. On James’ iPod a message flashes up: “Warning: Battery low”

Fourth lap. James is walking now. His head bowed. He hears quick, light footseps, but doesn’t look up. Behind him, tanned legs and purple shoes fade quickly into the distance.

With a beep, James’ music cuts out. The volume is turned up on the sound of his panting.